Worst Celebrity Product Endorsements Ever!

Bret Michaels’ – PetSmart Pets Rock Collection

Not only was this an awful idea, it took place 25 years after the height of his popularity. The only thing worse than this was that POS “Rock Of Love’ show he did on VH1!


Shannen Doherty – Education Connection

If you needed money, just ask! You are “on your way to getting you college degree”? Really? What are you going to do with that online degree in liberal arts?


Mary J. Blige – Burger King

Where do we start? You are better than this, Mary!


Lisa Rinna – DependsĀ®

What in the love of God is happening here? I guess Harry Hamlin’s soul was also for sale!


OJ Simpson – Hertz

This actually worked out really well until The Juice was arrested for murdering his ex-wife!


Rick Harrison – Anything

This guy would endorse you taking a dump if he thought he could make a buck off of it. All of his commercials start and end the same way.


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