Why Won’t Aerosmith Go The F*** Away?

Nothing infuriates me more than the sight of Aerosmith. They are like the lowest for of entertainment know to mankind!

Let’s break down why they suck!

  • They have been basically making the same album since 1989.

  • Steven Tyler lost his voice somewhere around 1979.

  • Steven Tyler thought it was legit to be a judge on American Idol.

  • Steven Tyler looks like a wet rat and a baseball glove had a baby.

  • Joe Perry is dead inside except when he plays with the Hollywood Vampires (and he almost literally died on stage playing with them).

  • No one knows the name of the drummer and he has been in the band the entire time!

  • No one thinks their cool but yet we are too nice to tell them!

  • The song from the¬†Armageddon soundtrack is the worst and most haunting POS ever! 5:30 of complete dog s***!

  • Steven Tyler did a country album and he’s from f***ing Boston!

If all of that isn’t enough, this is now happening!


Because kids can totally relate to these geriatric has-beens. Is it not bad enough that your network has an award show for videos they do not even play? I tuned in the other night and Happy Gilmore was on, followed by Teen Moms. WTF is going on.

This is why alcoholism exists!


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