Pastor Ernie Spence Of The Fellowship Baptist Church In Kentucky Is blaming Youth Football For “Drugs, Fornication And All Sorts Of Ungodliness.”

This a$$hole is on a role! Organized religion is already f****d sideways, they don’t need any help from clowns like this. His ignorance is stunning and frightening. Wonder how much of your paycheck you have to donate to listen to this joke of a human every Sunday morning?

You know what kills me? The fact that people make money off of bull$hit like this! He doesn’t love God! He doesn’t worship God. He loves the fact that he never had to get a real job to make a living. If this guy ever read his bible he would learn quite quickly that he is not doing God’s work. He exploiting God and using God for financial gain! Then popping off at the mouth about things like this.

You sir have no right to tell anyone anything. No one gives a s**t what you think. You and your goatee need to crawl back in whatever crazy hole you crawled out of. Stop embarrassing yourself and the members of your church.

The scary part about people like this is that there are people who will believe this a$$hole. They will line up in droves to listening to this man pop off with crap like this.

Guess what? He doesn’t care about you! He cares about his SUV, his large house and the latest pornhub updates!

Here’s to hoping this guy get’s into laying with poisonous snakes!


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