Air Supply Is The Worst Band Ever

There, we said it! Someone had to step up and take this band to task. They are God awful to say the least. Their harmonies, their awful please touch my pee pee ballads are enough to make someone vomit.

I first discovered this band as a kid after my mom listened to it on repeat. Mom was drinking a lot at this time so we will give her a pass and assume that it was the spirits leading he down this nowhere path. I am the one who truly suffered. I am the one who has dry heaves every time I hear lost in love. I am forever changed because of these assholes and their awful music.

How does such a POS band from¬†Australia have such great success? Well, it was the 80’s. The 80’s brought forth a gaggle of shitty bands, this one being on the top of the shitty list. The only other thing you can blame their success on would have to be cocaine. I am pretty sure that after a night of blow this band either brought you down or made you want to slit your wrists.

Let’s take a look at this nightmare!

This song is the worst! MY GOD! Why are there 12 people in the band and not one has a lick of talent?! By the way, for years I thought there was a chick in the band and it turned out to be a dude.


Another turd!


Try not to punch anyone in the face after hearing this one!


The only band who could write a love song and never get any action from it!



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