Pampers Is Pulling Sesame Street Characters!

Why you ask? Because parents complained of too many male characters on the diapers. Yes, you read that correctly!

Find me one baby who gives a shit about the gender of the┬ácharacters on their diapers. Just one. You won’t find one because a baby doesn’t give a flying f*** about what is on their diapers. They have no earthly idea why Mom and Dad are all up in their feels about this situation.

Let me explain how diapers work. You buy, change and discard all of the diapers. The baby doesn’t buy, change or discard any of the diapers. Make sense?

We have much bigger issues to deal with in regards to gender equality and this is not one of those issues. Those characters are on the diapers because they are popular, not because of their gender. Both girls and boys love those characters and do not care about their gender.

Pampers has denied that the complaints are the reason they removed the characters, I have my doubts about that statement. We all know they caved to the pressure from so few.

We need to put a stop to this helicopter parent mentality, it’s ruining children. Let kids be kids and stop think you can shape their outlooks as infants. They could give a shit about your boushy ways.

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