If You Do Not Vote, STFU!

I hear so many people bitching and moaning about the current state of affairs in our country and every time I ask them if they voted the standard answer I get is, no. You seriously sat out voting but yet think you have a say on anything going on in our government? That’s cute!

I’m not going to give you the standard “people fought for your right to vote speech”. I’m sure someone already did that and it failed to sink into your thick head. I’m not going to tell you that your vote could change the outcome of some major issues, because you don’t care.

I am going to tell you that you can see your way out of any productive political conversations because you gave up the right to participate. You can no longer participate or bitch about anything if you refuse to be part of the process that got us to this point.

Call it unfair or whatever you want. Your refusal to take part is why we find ourselves in this situation. You are why we have this President. You are why we have lifers in congress. You are why the roads do not get fixed and the schools do not get the proper funding. YES! This is all on you.

We have over 200 million people in this country and only about 87 million vote. Do you think you are taking a stand because you do not vote? You’re not! You are ruining your future and future generations.

Next time you think you need to take a stand or have your voice heard, do it by voting! You will make more of a difference in that booth.

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