The Nike Outrage Needs To Stop!

This is for all of you out there that are burning your shoes and cutting the logo off of your clothes. Just stop. You do realize that they already have your money and could care less about what you do to the items you ALREADY paid for?

The hypocrisy being displayed right now is priceless. You got mad because someone someone was protesting and your counter strike was to protest back? Really? You are doing the exact same thing you have been bitching about for the last 2 years.

Let’s clear something up! You are not more of an American or more patriotic  because you burned a pair of shoes or cut a logo off of a shirt. As a matter of fact, you are nothing more than a hypocritical cry baby with a false sense of ethics!

None of this is about disrespecting the flag or our troops. It was about peacefully protesting police brutality. Nothing more, nothing less. It has been twisted into a bullshit talking point and rallying cry for the right.

At some point you would have to hope that common sense would prevail. I have my doubts!

Woman Leaves A Bad Facebook Review About A Restaurant, Owner Drives By Her House And Shoots It Up!

Only in Florida!

A woman was not happy with her visit to a restaurant and let the establishment know by posting a bad review on Facebook. The owner of said restaurant did not take too kindly to the review so he drove by her house and shot it up.

Really? Did you think she was going to change her review after you lit her house up with bullets?


Goodbye Nacho Fries, Until We Meet Again

Taco Bell is removing Nacho Fries from the menu once again. We will not see these wonderful treats again until 2019. I know 2019 is right around the corner but the wait will make it seem like forever.

Woman Smashes Bus Windows And Runs Over Driver!

In a case of road rage gone super wrong, a woman in Washington DC smashed the windows out of a bus and ran over the driver.

Police have identified the suspect thanks to the video below!


Pastor Ernie Spence Of The Fellowship Baptist Church In Kentucky Is blaming Youth Football For “Drugs, Fornication And All Sorts Of Ungodliness.”

This a$$hole is on a role! Organized religion is already f****d sideways, they don’t need any help from clowns like this. His ignorance is stunning and frightening. Wonder how much of your paycheck you have to donate to listen to this joke of a human every Sunday morning?

You know what kills me? The fact that people make money off of bull$hit like this! He doesn’t love God! He doesn’t worship God. He loves the fact that he never had to get a real job to make a living. If this guy ever read his bible he would learn quite quickly that he is not doing God’s work. He exploiting God and using God for financial gain! Then popping off at the mouth about things like this.

You sir have no right to tell anyone anything. No one gives a s**t what you think. You and your goatee need to crawl back in whatever crazy hole you crawled out of. Stop embarrassing yourself and the members of your church.

The scary part about people like this is that there are people who will believe this a$$hole. They will line up in droves to listening to this man pop off with crap like this.

Guess what? He doesn’t care about you! He cares about his SUV, his large house and the latest pornhub updates!

Here’s to hoping this guy get’s into laying with poisonous snakes!