Do Your Job!

Let’s be honest, someone needed to say it. No matter what you do, where you work or who you work for…there is no long any accountability in the work place.

I literally just the other day, walked into my bosses office to tell him about a problem and he told me to “work it out among yourself”! What?! WTF do we need you for if we are supposed to work things out “among yourself”? Why are you here?

This is going on everywhere! We pay people to sit there and do nothing. People are running companies and are not doing anything. 

Here is a thought! How about you fire these a-holes who are doing nothing and give the people who are doing something a raise!


Tide Wants You To Eat Their Products!

First it was the delicious looking pod and now this!

Are you kidding? This looks like a box of wine! How could anyone think this was a good idea?

Hello Tide! People are dumb! They cannot handle shit like this. Some idiot will show up at a party with this and all of the guests will end up in the emergency room.

By the way, what is the need for this? Was the regular plastic jug to boring? We need to seriously get a grip and stop overestimating people.


No excuses! Get off your lazy a$$ and go out and have your voice heard. Stop with the excuses and the “my vote doesn’t count speech”. You vote does count and it is important that you use that right to vote.

It doesn’t matter what side of the isle you are on, VOTE! If you care about your opinions, VOTE!. If you care about your kids or their future, VOTE!

Can’t get to the polls? Uber is offering free rides to the polls and Lyft is giving 50% off rides to the polls.

Stop the excuses, get out and vote!

Common Sense Is Dead!

There, I said it! Don’t believe me? Spend twenty seconds scrolling through Facebook and tell me I am wrong.

I’m not sure if people want to be dumb, lack the capability to gain the proper information or just don’t care. I am guessing they just do not care. They will read a headline that makes little to no sense and run with it. They believe anything they are told, even if it doesn’t even have to make sense.

When did we all become followers? When did we stop seeking information? When did we all become numb to facts? Have we always been this way?

You want to know why the world is the way it is right now? Lack of common sense. A disease of a few has turned into a way of life for many.


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