Can We Stop Posting Workout Selfies On Social Media?

We get it, you workout. We do not need to see you flexing on social media. Gym selfies are slowly taking over food porn on social media. At least with food porn we were inspired to eat. Gym selfies just make most of us want to punch you in the face.

I just don’t get it. Do you lack self esteem? You have a great body, isn’t that enough? Do you really feel the need to make others feel bad about theirs? It seems that most of the people who do this had a bad body at one time and want to shove their new and improved body up everyone’s ass.

You are free to do what you want but remember, we are laugh at you and not with you. Also remember, it’s not you it’s me.

Bill Cosby Sentenced To Three To Ten Years In State Prison For Sexual Assault Conviction!

Are you shitting me? 3-10 years? That’s all? Plant a bag of weed on him and he would have gotten 25-30!

How on Earth is this any kind of justice? The man is sick and needs to be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life. Why do we not punish people who have no regard for other people?

Once again, the justice system fails the victims!

Stop Rooting For Others To Fail!

So many people waste their time rooting for others to fail. It has almost become a sickness. When did it start? I think it has always gone on, I just think it has amped up since the birth of the keyboard commandos.

You see this online every day. People going out of their way to criticize others. People are seeking out people to insult. It’s like a secondary job that they put more into than their actual job. They troll the internet with the sole purpose of making someone feel bad so that they can feel better about themselves.

Your happiness should not come at the expense of others. Stop being so f***ing hateful, it accomplishes nothing. All the time you waste making others feel bad could be spent on making your life better. Have some pride in yourself and stop acting like you were raised in the wild. Be the better person no matter what.

This world has changed into a place where people love to bait one another into being the worst person. You have to be smarter than that and only give attention to the things that deserve you attention.

Pampers Is Pulling Sesame Street Characters!

Why you ask? Because parents complained of too many male characters on the diapers. Yes, you read that correctly!

Find me one baby who gives a shit about the gender of the characters on their diapers. Just one. You won’t find one because a baby doesn’t give a flying f*** about what is on their diapers. They have no earthly idea why Mom and Dad are all up in their feels about this situation.

Let me explain how diapers work. You buy, change and discard all of the diapers. The baby doesn’t buy, change or discard any of the diapers. Make sense?

We have much bigger issues to deal with in regards to gender equality and this is not one of those issues. Those characters are on the diapers because they are popular, not because of their gender. Both girls and boys love those characters and do not care about their gender.

Pampers has denied that the complaints are the reason they removed the characters, I have my doubts about that statement. We all know they caved to the pressure from so few.

We need to put a stop to this helicopter parent mentality, it’s ruining children. Let kids be kids and stop think you can shape their outlooks as infants. They could give a shit about your boushy ways.

Air Supply Is The Worst Band Ever

There, we said it! Someone had to step up and take this band to task. They are God awful to say the least. Their harmonies, their awful please touch my pee pee ballads are enough to make someone vomit.

I first discovered this band as a kid after my mom listened to it on repeat. Mom was drinking a lot at this time so we will give her a pass and assume that it was the spirits leading he down this nowhere path. I am the one who truly suffered. I am the one who has dry heaves every time I hear lost in love. I am forever changed because of these assholes and their awful music.

How does such a POS band from Australia have such great success? Well, it was the 80’s. The 80’s brought forth a gaggle of shitty bands, this one being on the top of the shitty list. The only other thing you can blame their success on would have to be cocaine. I am pretty sure that after a night of blow this band either brought you down or made you want to slit your wrists.

Let’s take a look at this nightmare!

This song is the worst! MY GOD! Why are there 12 people in the band and not one has a lick of talent?! By the way, for years I thought there was a chick in the band and it turned out to be a dude.


Another turd!


Try not to punch anyone in the face after hearing this one!


The only band who could write a love song and never get any action from it!



Stop Wrecking The Work Bathroom!

Is there anything worse than the guy who shows up to work everyday and wrecks the work bathroom? This guy has no consideration for anyone or anything. He just strolls into the public bathroom at work and grunts out a deuce with no regard for anyone or anything.

The worst part about this? It almost always smells like someone died. Of all the dumps this person takes, this one smells the worst by far! It’s like everything that is wrong with his bowels stood at attention.

Here is some advice. Change your eating habits….what you’re doing is not working. Change your pooping schedule….you need not burden the rest of us with the workings of your nasty innards. Consider others….you shit we all pay!

In most cases it’s a me not you thing. In this case, it’s a you not me thing.