You Can’t Be Rock And Roll And Conservative!

Sorry, it’s just a fact. There is nothing Rock And Roll about being conservative. Let’s face the facts, conservatives are just less entertaining. Their music is bad, their jokes are bad and their acting is bad.

Would you like some examples? Let’s start with music!

Ted Nugent. The poster boy for conservatives who not only plays bad music, he has a gaggle of illegitimate children he refuses to claim. His powerful guitar riffs will never over power his lack of talent.

Kid Rock! Do we need to say anything else?

Gene Simmons. This guy is a whore, this should not surprise anyone.

Dave Mustaine. This guy got kicked out of Metallica for being a dick so this shouldn’t be a shock. He has consistently put out bad music and no one likes him.

Joe Perry. Fuck Aerosmith!

All of these guys have one thing in common….douche bags.

Now it’s time for the acting portion.

James Woods. This no talent assclown is a twitter squawk box for conservative values. He blames his conservative views for his lack of acting jobs. If that’s true, why don’t you try shutting the f*** up and see if your phone starts to ring again? Maybe stop acting like a crazy f*** for two minutes? It’s not your beliefs that are getting you blackballed, it’s the crazy way to present them!

Clint Eastwood. Thew chair. Yep!

Jon Voight. Where do you even start with this guy. He at least has the sense to keep his views to himself. He’s also not insane like most of the people on this list.

Adam Sandler. So not only do you make shitty movies, you also practice shitty politics? WOW!

Dennis Miller. By far the lowest POS on this list. This asshole changed his views just to make a buck. He saw an opportunity and took it.

Did we make our point? Tell me one of these people are mildly entertaining. We successfully proved that you cannot be Rock and Roll and conservative!

The VMAs Are A Complete Joke!

There are probably a lot of you out there wondering why MTV still does the VMAs. You’re not alone. They don’t even play music videos! They seem to like to dip their toes into every pond they see. It’s embarrassing!

A network that made itself on breaking music evolved into a disgusting hunk of garbage that always goes for the lowest hanging fruit. Teen Moms? Really? The Hills (that’s coming back)? Real World? All garbage!

What gives MTV the right to give away any music awards? They abandoned music! That’s like divorcing your wife, showing up for sex once a year and when you leave you hand her a moon man.

The whole problem with all of this is that MTV doesn’t care what any of us think. They will continue to produce crappy reality TV and people will continue to not watch their network. It’s a vicious circle that they could right, but won’t.

Let’s look at some of the most embarrassing highlights from last night’s show!

Here’s Madge’s old ass making a mockery of everything in her path!

Then there was this pile of garbage!

I could go on, but I just can’t!

Why Won’t Aerosmith Go The F*** Away?

Nothing infuriates me more than the sight of Aerosmith. They are like the lowest for of entertainment know to mankind!

Let’s break down why they suck!

  • They have been basically making the same album since 1989.

  • Steven Tyler lost his voice somewhere around 1979.

  • Steven Tyler thought it was legit to be a judge on American Idol.

  • Steven Tyler looks like a wet rat and a baseball glove had a baby.

  • Joe Perry is dead inside except when he plays with the Hollywood Vampires (and he almost literally died on stage playing with them).

  • No one knows the name of the drummer and he has been in the band the entire time!

  • No one thinks their cool but yet we are too nice to tell them!

  • The song from the Armageddon soundtrack is the worst and most haunting POS ever! 5:30 of complete dog s***!

  • Steven Tyler did a country album and he’s from f***ing Boston!

If all of that isn’t enough, this is now happening!

Because kids can totally relate to these geriatric has-beens. Is it not bad enough that your network has an award show for videos they do not even play? I tuned in the other night and Happy Gilmore was on, followed by Teen Moms. WTF is going on.

This is why alcoholism exists!