Big Tobacco Is Winning Again!

Do not believe the garbage you are hearing from the media. Regulated vaping is not killing anyone or making anyone sick. The mainstream media has chosen to ignore the facts. They have chosen to ignore the fact that people are getting sick from vaping illegal THC mixed with vitamin E. The CDC has said it and various agencies have confirmed it. Yet the media and even government officials have turned a blind eye to the facts.

Why? Well the media is no longer about being the media. They only want you to know what they think you should know. They no longer care about integrity or being a watchdog. They are only in it for the clicks and the money. The government officials are solely in it for the money. Big tobacco is lining their packets and they are eating it up.

You know what’s obvious? Neither the media or the government give a shit about your well being. They have zero problems with 480,000 people dying every year from smoking. Not one problem with that. But they choose to declare war on an industry that has done nothing wrong. Ignorant people are making uninformed decisions and are ignoring obvious facts.

Is vaping going away? It looks that way. Apparently they need to get smoking above 5% again. It’s a sad state of affairs when money takes a higher seat on the totem pole than health, but that’s what it has come to.

I would tell you to speak up, yell as loud as you can and demand change. Government of the people, for the people and by the people no longer exists, so why bother.

Dear Washington DC, You’re Embarrassing!

We have witnessed two of the most embarrassing days in the history of our government. Just an absolute shit show. What happened to reasonable discourse? If you want to know what’s wrong with our government, just re-watch the last two days of hearings.

Partisan politics are alive and well and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. There was a time when we could sit down and have a reasonable conversation. Those days are over! They are angry,┬ácondescending, lack manners and only care about power. Money is the number one objective and their pockets are getting bigger while we suffer.

It’s not one side, it’s both sides. One side side pretends to have civility while the other just says F U right to your face. The bottom line, neither has your best interest at heart. They only care about pushing their paid for agendas.

Let’s take a look at how grown adults act!

You should be grossed out by this! We need to make changes in government now! Register to vote! Do not sit at home! The only power we have is our vote and clearly the ones we voted for in the past do not have our best interests in mind!