Woman Leaves A Bad Facebook Review About A Restaurant, Owner Drives By Her House And Shoots It Up!

Only in Florida!

A woman was not happy with her visit to a restaurant and let the establishment know by posting a bad review on Facebook. The owner of said restaurant did not take too kindly to the review so he drove by her house and shot it up.

Really? Did you think she was going to change her review after you lit her house up with bullets?


Ted Nugent Bars Guns From Concert?

This actually happened? Ted Nugent, the man who loves the NRA, hates liberals, loves hunting and shoots arrows on stage banned guns from his concert in Virginia? Yep, this happened.

Let’s make something clear, the venue didn’t ban the guns Nugent did! Seems kind of counter productive against his gun loving agenda.

Maybe he and Toby Keith should team up and do shows where they promote guns and ban them at the same time.