The FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Was A Complete Joke!

Are you serious? Why did we even investigate Kavanaugh? It’s¬†obvious that there was no intent to do a real investigation. A complete ruse!

This is how our government works now. Everything is partisan and no one cares who has to deal with the outcome. We are about to put a hot head, arrogant accused rapist on the supreme court. Yes! We are giving a lifetime appointment to someone that everyone has doubts about. It’s a sick game of “I’m right and you’re wrong”!

Why don’t we vote on this as well? Put this on that ballot in November and let the people decide. This would be much better than letting out of touch people decide the future of this country.

If you don’t wake up each day outraged by this and other things going on in our government, you need to wake up.

Dear Washington DC, You’re Embarrassing!

We have witnessed two of the most embarrassing days in the history of our government. Just an absolute shit show. What happened to reasonable discourse? If you want to know what’s wrong with our government, just re-watch the last two days of hearings.

Partisan politics are alive and well and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. There was a time when we could sit down and have a reasonable conversation. Those days are over! They are angry,¬†condescending, lack manners and only care about power. Money is the number one objective and their pockets are getting bigger while we suffer.

It’s not one side, it’s both sides. One side side pretends to have civility while the other just says F U right to your face. The bottom line, neither has your best interest at heart. They only care about pushing their paid for agendas.

Let’s take a look at how grown adults act!

You should be grossed out by this! We need to make changes in government now! Register to vote! Do not sit at home! The only power we have is our vote and clearly the ones we voted for in the past do not have our best interests in mind!