Can We Stop Backing Into Parking Spaces?

It seems like a trend has started over the past five years where people feel the need to back into parking spaces. No one knows why it started or how it started but it’s super annoying!

Why do people feel the need to back into a parking space? It takes more time, no one is good at it and you look suspicious when you do it! Unless you are robbing said establishment, there is absolutely NO reason to back into a parking space.

We need to come together to stop this horse s*** as soon as possible. We need to stop the a-hole who backs into a spot on Black Friday and hold up everyone! We need to stop the lady driving her husband’s truck that backs into a parking space at the grocery store! They all need to be stopped!

Perhaps if he lobbied our local business to have a no backing in policy, things would change. Let’s get to work!

Yes, this does really bother me!