Stop Rooting For Others To Fail!

So many people waste their time rooting for others to fail. It has almost become a sickness. When did it start? I think it has always gone on, I just think it has amped up since the birth of the keyboard commandos.

You see this online every day. People going out of their way to¬†criticize others. People are seeking out people to insult. It’s like a secondary job that they put more into than their actual job. They troll the internet with the sole purpose of making someone feel bad so that they can feel better about themselves.

Your happiness should not come at the expense of others. Stop being so f***ing hateful, it accomplishes nothing. All the time you waste making others feel bad could be spent on making your life better. Have some pride in yourself and stop acting like you were raised in the wild. Be the better person no matter what.

This world has changed into a place where people love to bait one another into being the worst person. You have to be smarter than that and only give attention to the things that deserve you attention.