What WE Think They Should Rename The Redskins!

Let’s be honest, Washington Football Team is not going to cut it! 

So we came up with our own list!

The Washington Sentinels

Yes, the team name from the Replacements! Why not? Everyone loves that movie and everyone loves the best fictional Ohio State QB ever, Shane Falco!


The Washington Grohls

You got it! Name the team after Dave Grohl, the best rock musician to ever come out of the DC area!


The Hogs

Do I even need to explain? Anyone is a true Skins fan will get it! Plus, I think everyone loves bacon!


The Skins

No! Not the same kind of “Skins” you’re thinking of! Let’s be honest, the skins is the best part of the bird! Chicken, turkey, ect! It’s delicious and a delicious team name! Everyone loves the skin!


The Beers

I know we already have the Brewers in the MLB but, we need to pay tribute to the drink and not the drink maker. Can you imagine the mess it would be in the 3rd quarter of a game where the team was named after a lager? It’s a trash panda, drunken paradise dream come true! Last call would be halfway through the 1st quarter!


The Turds

The franchise has been a shit show for 20 plus years, maybe it’s high time they finally just gave in and owned up to it!


The Dumpster Fires

Turds or Dumpster Fires….Same difference!


What ever the new team name shall be, they will probably screw that up too! Ye have little faith!