Stone Temple Pilots, Please Stop!

We get it, you love your band and your music. You want your band to live on. There comes a point where it is now just insulting to your fans. You are on your third singer and it seems as if you plucked the new one out of a STP cover band.

First there was Scott Weiland then Chester Bennington and now this new clown, Jeff Gutt. Jeff has no front man skills what so ever. He steals all of his moves from the late Scott Weiland and even steals Scott’s singing style. It’s like a bad¬†karaoke act.

Who¬†advised STP on this move? Journey? Here’s an idea. Rename your band and come up with some new material! Stop being a sad pathetic shell of your past and move on. You’re embarrassing your legacy. You guys were a great band and could be a great band again. Stop this sadness now!

Here is a look at the new STP!