Common Sense Is Dead!

There, I said it! Don’t believe me? Spend twenty seconds scrolling through Facebook and tell me I am wrong.

I’m not sure if people want to be dumb, lack the capability to gain the proper information or just don’t care. I am guessing they just do not care. They will read a headline that makes little to no sense and run with it. They believe anything they are told, even if it doesn’t even have to make sense.

When did we all become followers? When did we stop seeking information? When did we all become numb to facts? Have we always been this way?

You want to know why the world is the way it is right now? Lack of common sense. A disease of a few has turned into a way of life for many.


Zack Morris Was A Douche

It pains me to say it because I loved Saved By The Bell. There is just no getting around it. Zack Morris was a complete douche bag. He was an awful human being. He treated everyone in his path like a sack of shit. He used people, he f***ed over people and came across as very date rapey.

It’s hard to write off one of your childhood heroes. It’s heartbreaking! It had to be done and here are examples why!






You Can’t Be Rock And Roll And Conservative!

Sorry, it’s just a fact. There is nothing Rock And Roll about being conservative. Let’s face the facts, conservatives are just less entertaining. Their music is bad, their jokes are bad and their acting is bad.

Would you like some examples? Let’s start with music!

Ted Nugent. The poster boy for conservatives who not only plays bad music, he has a gaggle of illegitimate children he refuses to claim. His powerful guitar riffs will never over power his lack of talent.

Kid Rock! Do we need to say anything else?

Gene Simmons. This guy is a whore, this should not surprise anyone.

Dave Mustaine. This guy got kicked out of Metallica for being a dick so this shouldn’t be a shock. He has consistently put out bad music and no one likes him.

Joe Perry. Fuck Aerosmith!

All of these guys have one thing in common….douche bags.

Now it’s time for the acting portion.

James Woods. This no talent assclown is a twitter squawk box for conservative values. He blames his conservative views for his lack of acting jobs. If that’s true, why don’t you try shutting the f*** up and see if your phone starts to ring again? Maybe stop acting like a crazy f*** for two minutes? It’s not your beliefs that are getting you blackballed, it’s the crazy way to present them!

Clint Eastwood. Thew chair. Yep!

Jon Voight. Where do you even start with this guy. He at least has the sense to keep his views to himself. He’s also not insane like most of the people on this list.

Adam Sandler. So not only do you make shitty movies, you also practice shitty politics? WOW!

Dennis Miller. By far the lowest POS on this list. This asshole changed his views just to make a buck. He saw an opportunity and took it.

Did we make our point? Tell me one of these people are mildly entertaining. We successfully proved that you cannot be Rock and Roll and conservative!

If You Do Not Vote, STFU!

I hear so many people bitching and moaning about the current state of affairs in our country and every time I ask them if they voted the standard answer I get is, no. You seriously sat out voting but yet think you have a say on anything going on in our government? That’s cute!

I’m not going to give you the standard “people fought for your right to vote speech”. I’m sure someone already did that and it failed to sink into your thick head. I’m not going to tell you that your vote could change the outcome of some major issues, because you don’t care.

I am going to tell you that you can see your way out of any productive political conversations because you gave up the right to participate. You can no longer participate or bitch about anything if you refuse to be part of the process that got us to this point.

Call it unfair or whatever you want. Your refusal to take part is why we find ourselves in this situation. You are why we have this President. You are why we have lifers in congress. You are why the roads do not get fixed and the schools do not get the proper funding. YES! This is all on you.

We have over 200 million people in this country and only about 87 million vote. Do you think you are taking a stand because you do not vote? You’re not! You are ruining your future and future generations.

Next time you think you need to take a stand or have your voice heard, do it by voting! You will make more of a difference in that booth.

Why People So Rude?

I’m not really sure where it started or why it started but people are more rude now than ever. Have you noticed? Pay a bit more attention next time you are out and about and you will notice a growth in self absorbed people.

On the roads, people don’t give a f***! They drive like they are the only ones on the road. Manners have gone by the side as well. People no longer say please or thank you. They no longer hold doors. They have no cares what so ever about anyone around them.

Where did this start? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s the rude leader of the free world contributing to people letting out their inner asshole. No matter where it started, it needs to stop.

The next time your driving, let someone merge…even if you don’t feel like it. Say please and thank you to people who do things for you. Hold the door for a stranger. Trust me, in the end you will feel much better being nice than being rude.

Dear Washington DC, You’re Embarrassing!

We have witnessed two of the most embarrassing days in the history of our government. Just an absolute shit show. What happened to reasonable discourse? If you want to know what’s wrong with our government, just re-watch the last two days of hearings.

Partisan politics are alive and well and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. There was a time when we could sit down and have a reasonable conversation. Those days are over! They are angry, condescending, lack manners and only care about power. Money is the number one objective and their pockets are getting bigger while we suffer.

It’s not one side, it’s both sides. One side side pretends to have civility while the other just says F U right to your face. The bottom line, neither has your best interest at heart. They only care about pushing their paid for agendas.

Let’s take a look at how grown adults act!

You should be grossed out by this! We need to make changes in government now! Register to vote! Do not sit at home! The only power we have is our vote and clearly the ones we voted for in the past do not have our best interests in mind!

Stone Temple Pilots, Please Stop!

We get it, you love your band and your music. You want your band to live on. There comes a point where it is now just insulting to your fans. You are on your third singer and it seems as if you plucked the new one out of a STP cover band.

First there was Scott Weiland then Chester Bennington and now this new clown, Jeff Gutt. Jeff has no front man skills what so ever. He steals all of his moves from the late Scott Weiland and even steals Scott’s singing style. It’s like a bad karaoke act.

Who advised STP on this move? Journey? Here’s an idea. Rename your band and come up with some new material! Stop being a sad pathetic shell of your past and move on. You’re embarrassing your legacy. You guys were a great band and could be a great band again. Stop this sadness now!

Here is a look at the new STP!